I picked up a camera because I had one belief that I wanted to express to my friends & family: “You are beautiful, and I’ll prove it.” Fast-forward 12 years, and I’m still singing the same song.

Between then and now, I married the love of my life, Nick, in a whirlwind of romance; became a mother to 3 of the sweetest kids ever; and we’re living the dream in small-town Wisconsin. I love baking cookies (I make the best, ask anyone!), flowers, contagious laughs, having coffee with friends, and all things weddings!

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We met on the worship team at church. . .

and the rest is history! We held fast to one another through thick and thin, and grew closer through each season of life. We married young, bought our first home in Fort Atkinson, and brought three little angels Earthside. We started our photography business, and strive to bless those around us as best as we can with love, generosity, and photography!

We love Jesus, marriage, and counting all our blessings with our kiddo’s every day. He likes his coffee black, and she likes her sugar milk to be coffee-flavored. Nick is a left-brained, health-conscious nerd, and Madeline is a right-brained, dessert-loving freespirit. We balance each other out, and most agree that it’s a match made in Heaven!

But enough about us, let’s hear about you! Drop a message to say hi, and let’s grab coffee soon! We can’t wait to get to know you, too!