Congratulations on your engagement, sweet friends! It’s really happening–he proposed and she said “YES!”! The butterflies are fluttering, your starry-eyes memorize every freckle & dimple on your sweetie’s face, and the anticipation has peaked as you look toward the best day ever–the day you say “I do!” to your best friend. This season of life is marked with fresh love, tenderness, passion, & wild anticipation! We are SO excited for you both, as you begin the process of becoming Mr. & Mrs.

You’ve come a long way to get where you are now, and we can’t wait to celebrate alongside you, learn your unique story, and discover all the adorable quirks that make your relationship so beautiful. And as lovers of marriage, weddings, & authentic connections, we’re excited to share this journey with you, (and if we could have it our way, become lifelong friends, too!). Read on to learn more about us, and our outlook & approach to your marriage & wedding day!


This wonderful session is not to be overlooked! We cherish this time getting to know you before the wedding day. We’ll keep the atmosphere light, sweet, and full of laughter; and we’ll keep you comfortable in front of the camera. And best of all, you’ll have even more heartfelt photos to adorn the walls of the home you’ll build together. . .

So get your hair & makeup done, and go on an outfit-shopping date with your S.O. (whether it be at the mall or your closet!)! It’s a great opportunity for trial runs and builds anticipation for the session! And it also gives you a taste of just how effortless and fun it is to show us who you both truly are as a couple in front of the camera. And good news! Engagement sessions are included in ALL of our Wedding Collections, so we can ensure that none of our couples miss out on such a wonderful thing!

Featured Engagement Sessions

Morgan & Paul

Dom & Morgan

Taylor & Jocelyn


We’re so proud of you for making this commitment to each other, because we know marriage is truly a gift from God. It’s like planting a garden; it must be cared for, worked in, admired, and watered in love. (We’re so excited to see you grow!) This sacred covenant is an enduring vow to love each other without reservation all the days of your lives.

And that is a really big deal! We honor this covenant so deeply, that we strive to completely SPOIL our couples, and completely care for them from start to finish, and beyond. We’re so excited to honor it and the couples that take each other’s hands, and embark on this beautiful journey together. Through every trial and every triumph, you’ll have each other to hold on to from this moment on.


You’ve probably never planned a wedding before, so we would love to offer a helping hand in this sometimes confusing & overwhelming process. We’ve been there! Photographers are the very few people alongside you throughout the entire day, so it’s not uncommon for us to become unofficial coordinators–and we don’t take this responsibility lightly!

This is why it’s so important to choose the right photography team–one that is involved, interested, and will bring a sense of clarity and calmness to the day.

We’ll have a cup of coffee as we construct (or re-construct!) your unique timeline, offer unbiased advice on your questions, and be in touch right up to the big day to answer any and all questions that may pop into your head.


Our approach to each and every wedding is to maintain a standard of respect, kindness, flexibility, and helpfulness. From the non-distracting way we dress, to discreet ceremony coverage, and gracefulness in our words & actions, you can expect to be served wonderfully by a husband & wife team that is so elated to celebrate with you throughout this paramount day.

We want you to be celebrated on your special day, and create a visual legacy you can be proud of.

And as a married couple that’s weathered a few rainy seasons in life, we know the wedding day isn’t the marriage. We want you to know that come what may, your marriage is the most important and incredible possession you’ll have.


Taylor & Jocelyn

Ben & Michelle

Trey & Courtney

Paul & Morgan

Hunter & Adam

Dominic & Morgan


There’s not a better excuse to grab a cup of coffee (or a frappuccino if you’re obsessed, too!), and talk details! In-person consultations are the best way for us to get to know each other and see how our personalities vibe! And to accommodate our distant & out of state couples, we can arrange an online meeting via Skype or FaceTime.

During this time together, we walk you through every thoughtful detail of the wedding experience, and answer all your questions (even some you didn’t know you had!). We do this because we want you to feel completely comfortable with us and confident in our work. We want us to get to know each other before you trust the best day of your life (so far!) with us!

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Madeline & Nicholas Rome as Primary & Second Shooters
Engagement Session
USB drives of high quality images & custom keepsake boxes
Professional editing with a black & white copy of each image
Online galleries & option to purchase prints with included coupons
Replication releases

If you’d like to learn more about all this goodness, let’s get together!


The next chapter in your lives begins, and it will be shared with generations to come! And after the sun sets, your photos will become part of your legacy, offering a window into your day of days. Let us immortalize your romance, smiles with all your loved ones, and all the precious moments in between. Wedding photos are one of the few keepsakes that last beyond the day. All those fleeting moments, sneaky kisses, the way you look, and the intense feelings of love are bound into each photo.

Memories fade over time, but your photos won’t! Wedding photography is one of the most worthy investments you can gift to yourselves and your loved ones. In order to make sure all of our clients receive the best care, we only accept a limited number of weddings per year. Some wedding resources suggest booking a photographer 6 months before your date, but we typically book up to 2 years in advance! Popular numerical dates and Wisconsin’s shorter warm-weather season can also impact our date availability.